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Freight Rates - instantly!

AsiaCalculator's exclusive technology allows buyers importing from China, Asia, to get instantly market freight rates for any shipment (ocean, air) to any location worldwide.

To budget freight rates for their shipments, buyers can use AsiaCalculator in 2 ways:

1. Use AsiaCalculator.com's exclusive freight rates estimator

For all freight routes from China, India, Asia, AsiaCalculator.com calculates instantly a market estimate for sea and air freight rates.

Buyers can then use this estimate to build instantly landed cost budgets and challenge their freight forwarders or shipping agents.
AsiaCalculator uses a mix of up-to-date market data (rates from freight forwarders, tariffs from carriers), external data intelligence and algorithms developed in-house by experts in statistics, to return reliable estimates for any given route from Asia, with any freight mode.

  • No need to send inquiries and wait for answers: get freight rates instantly
  • Build your budgets and sales quotations within minutes
  • Challenge your freight forwarders with market data

Instant freight rates

2. Access details and rates from freight forwarders

Buyers can as well access and use actual rates from AsiaCalculator's freight forwarders members.
Hundreds of forwarders from all origins are registered on the platform, and post freight rates every day.

After inputting shipment details, origin and destination, importers access instantly all available freight rates posted on that route by our freight forwarders members, and can send inquiries in 2 clicks if needed.

Besides finding and checking rates from registered forwarders, buyers can also invite forwarders they work with to connect on the platform: once connected, both can share privately online freight tariffs and collaborate more efficiently in the freight quotation process.

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Why use AsiaCalculator ?
  • Calculate instantly, easily, full landed cost for your future imports from China, Asia (freight, duty, currency)
  • Monitor, control online import budget files of you and your team, hence lowering the risk of calculation mistakes
  • Connect with your usual freight forwarders, share freight rates, find new ones easily