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Custom duty - instantly!

AsiaCalculator helps international buyers calculate instantly the applicable custom duty for their imports from China, Asia.

For all cargoes imported from China, Asia, importers have to pay import duties in the destination country, based on local customs classification and regulation.

An important part of any landed cost budget for Asian imports , along with freight costs , custom duty costs are often difficult to properly evaluate; importers have to ask, wait and rely on their customs broker, or freight forwarder, to properly classify their goods and forecast the import duties to be paid.

AsiaCalculator aims at circumventing such hassle, by providing an integrated custom duty finder.

The service offers an exclusive internal search engine relying directly on data from customs (EU & US) to provide the applicable custom duty.

Save time with AsiaCalculator.com custom duty finder

While working on a landed cost calculation, buyers have access to AsiaCalculator.com's exclusive custom duty selector: a user-friendly search engine that lets them select the right product category, and apply the related duty into their calculation.

No need to call and chase brokers, shipping agents or local customs anymore: the custom duty budget is included automatically onto the buyer's calculation!

The duty data is kept up-to-date based on information released by official sources, thus ensuring an accurate estimation.
Should buyers need additional information or help, AsiaCalculator.com offers an online chat support, for live service inquiries.

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Why use AsiaCalculator ?
  • Calculate instantly, easily, full landed cost for your future imports from China, Asia (freight, duty, currency)
  • Monitor, control online import budget files of you and your team, hence lowering the risk of calculation mistakes
  • Connect with your usual freight forwarders, share freight rates, find new ones easily